Sterling Silver Necklace - Religous Necklace - Religous Charms - Silver Religous Necklace - Faith - Bezel gemstone Necklace

The length of finished chain, including endings and clasps.


This necklace comes complete with your choice of bezel gemstone, 925 sterling silver cross connector, and a symbolic faith fish charm.

The chain is one of our best selling 2mm rolo chain, extremely strong, and elegant. A great pair for these unique charms.

The featured picture contains Gold Rutilated Quartz Bezel Gemstone, a semi opaque semi translucent pendant with flecks and ripples of gold, faceted and sterling silver framed. We have a selection of 18 different gemstones, choose your own stone!

This necklace is available in 16-20 inches of length. Different lengths are available by request.