Semiprecious Gemstone Beads -100% Genuine Citrine Gemstone Bead Faceted Pear Shape - Grade B - All Sizes - 3 pcs

Currently Out-of-Stock of 11mm
SKU: 309003-CTR-B

Faceted Tear Drop Gemstone Pear Shape

Stone: Citrine
Grade: B

Quantity: 3 pieces

Measurement(LxW):  Size A- Approximately 11mm by 8mm, 5.5mm thick
                               Size B- Approximately 12mm by 8-10mm, 5-6.5mm thick
                               Size C- Approximately 13-17mm by 9-10mm, 5-7mm thick
SKU #:
Size A- 309003-CTR-11
Size B- 309003-CTR-12
Size C- 309003-CTR-13
Pictures show the shape of product, for actual size, please read the measurement.