Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain

Find high quality oxidized sterling silver chains for your jewelry making designs. All chains are made of in house oxidized solid genuine .925 sterling silver. All unfinished bulk chains are sold by the foot and are packaged on one continuous spool. They do not include closures, findings or other components. The jewelry making chains are imported from leading manfactures in Italy. We offer up to 30% OFF store wide mix and match discount. 

Unfinished Oxidized Sterling Silver bulk chains by the foot for jewelry making.

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Oxidized Sterling Silver 1mm Tiny Curb Chain. Bulk Unfinished Chain for Jewelry Making. Sold By the Foot

0.6 gram/foot, 1X0.9mm, 25 gauge

Oxidized Sterling Silver 2.5X6.5mm Box Chain. Bulk unfinished by the foot.

2.4 gram/foot, 2.5X6.5mm

Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain- 3.5mm Rolo Chain. Bulk unfinished by the foot.

4.83 gram/foot, 3.3mm

Oxidized Sterling Silver 7mm Rolo Oval Cable Oval By the Foot.

6.7 gram/foot, 7X5mm

Oxidized Sterling Silver 2mm Rolo Chain. Bulk Unfinished By the Foot

1.6 gram/foot, 2 mm, 27 gauge

Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain-Beaded Cable Chain-Satellite Chain-1.4X1.6 Cable Oval+Ball Chain - Unfinished Bulk Chain (by the foot)

1.3 gram/foot, 1.6X1.4 mm, 30 gauge. Ball:1.8 mm

Oxidized Silver Chain-2X4mm Diamond Cut Curb Link(sold per foot)


Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain -3mm Flat Cable Diamond Chain (sold per foot)

Currently Out-of-Stock

Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain-3X4 Cable Oval (sold per foot)


Oxidized Sterling Silver-3.5X3.5 Flat Circle Chain Link (sold per foot)

1.8g/ft, 3.5mm - Out-of-Stock

Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain-Flat Star Link 5mm (sold per foot)

2grams/ft,, 5mm. Currently Out-of-Stock.

Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain-1.5X2 Cable Flat Oval Chain - Unfinished Bulk Chain (sold per foot)

0.5 gram/foot, 2X1.5mm

Oxidized Sterling Silver-Textured & Smooth Circle (sold per foot)