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Basic Skills - How to use a Pinch Bail Connector


How to use a Pinch Bail Connector


This video demonstrates basic skills to use a pinch bail connector. A pinch bail connector is a finding that allows you to create pendants with drilled stones.

Materials: Pinch bail connector, gemstone bead

Pinch Bails are great findings that allow you to transform gemstone beads into pendants ready for a necklace without much fuss. When choosing a bail connector the main aspect to keep in mind is the post size in comparison to the bead hole size. The pinch bail used in this demonstration would not be suitable for a small briolette gemstone, but rather a larger bead with a 1mm hole.

Steps to use a pinch bail connector

Step 1: Grip sides of connector that open, and gently pull. Sometimes pressure is needed, but keep in mind not to tug too hard or you could distort the shape if the finding

Step 2: Feed the prong through the bead hole

Step 3: Pinch the other prong through the opposite bead hole and close

The pendant is now complete, you can finish this piece off by gliding the top bail over a chain and you have a ready to wear necklace.



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