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Lariat Necklace Video Tutorial

Lariat Necklace- Sterling Silver Lariat Pearl Necklace

This video is a tutorial on how to make a lariat necklace.
Step 1: Wire wrap loop to chain 
Step 2: Insert round pearl on wire and wire wrap end loop to petal charm (the pointed end)
Step 3: Cut chain to desired length
Step 4: Insert coin pearl onto headpin, wire wrap loop to end of chain
Step 5: Insert coin pearl through petal charm, loop around twice for a more secure "knot" (optional)


Tools: Round nose pliers

Bent Nose Chain Pliers
Wire/Chain Cutter
Ruler or measuring tool

Material: Flat Cable Chain, approximately 20-26 inches
(depending on your preference of length)
2 inches of 24 gauge half hard wire
1.5 inch 26 gauge ball end headpin
11.5 mm coin shape pearl
6 mm round pearl
Petal drop charm/connector

All materials are made of 925 Sterling Silver and freshwater pearls