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Cleaning your Gold

Choosing the proper way to clean your jewelry can sometimes be challenging. There are many different ways to clean you precious metals and some work better than others. Knowing what is suitable for your peice a jewelry can make the difference of cracking a stone, scrubbing off gold plating and scratching the surface.

The first basic way is the classic soap and warm ( not hot ) water. You can use club soda as an alternative as well and the carbonation aids in loosening dirt. Simply add soap to your water and gently scrub with a soft bristle brush, tooth brush or makeup brush. If the peice is gold plated harsh bristles can take off the entire plating, so it is suggested to use a cloth or makeup brush. Ensure you rinse completely, once you have loosened all the dirt it needs to be rinsed away. Remeber: you do not want those rings or earring to fall down that drain, so do not forget that plug!!

Another way to clean your jewelry is with a mild soap, warm water and baking soda. Add your soap and baking soda and slowly add water, you will begin to create a paste which can be used to scrub off unwanted dirt and brighten up tarnishing on silver. Scrub with your fingers or a cloth and make sure to rinse well. You do not want to leave a coating on your jewelry.  

You may have also heard about cleaning your jewelry with toothpaste. Using toothpaste as cleaner can be a great choice, however make sure you do not use toothpaste with scrubbing beads in it as it can scratch and leave marks. Add some water to a dollop of toothpast in your hand and gently rub, scrub using a soft bristled brush or cloth. You can also use toothpaste alone however it can be harder to rinse away and cleat our of tiny crevices.

Lastly, boiling!

Boiling is a great way to clean your jewelry, however it can cause some delicate stones like coral, moonstone, opals and pearls to crack or become damaged. Boiling water can also loosen glues that are used on some jewelry. Boiling is ideal for solid gold with strong gemstones such as diamonds. Place the peice of jewelry in a safe container, such as ceramic or metal dishes. Pour you boiling water to a complete cover and then make sure the entire peice is untangled and freely flowing in the water. Wait for the water to cool and allow it to completely air dry. Sometimes you may need a little soap scrub followed by the boil.


Hopefully you have found a suitable way to clean you delicate gold jewelry!





The best accent for fall. It is such a versatile and classic metal.

Blend it in with beige and light browns or have dramatic contrast with black or a deep red. No matter how you match, you will always come out on top with the glamorous shimmer and eye catching shine.

The colors around us will begin to change soon, but there is always a constant from the golden sun that arrives everyday. Gold in your collection is a must, a have to. It is like the little black dress or those bright multi colored runners. Gold is a staple, it's time to add and expand your gold collection this fall.

We've expanded ours!