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Closures-Clasps and Toggles

It is important to know your wearer. Some people like children or seniors may have trouble with small clasps. Look at your different options before creating something for someone who may have trouble with it.

Spring ring clasps (see above), are easy to use in making jewelry. They are available in all different sizes so if your wearer may have difficultly in opening the tiny clasp, larger sizes such as 8 or 10mm are always available. The average size of spring ring clasp used is 5.5-6mm, which can be too small for some wearers. This is a basic closure, very common and accomadates many different styles.



Lobster clasps (see above) are a basic choice of clasp as well. They are a little stronger than the spring ring clasps and equal in difficulty regarding opening and closing. Lobster clasps do come in a variety of sizes as well to accomadate different styles and closure needs. Used more on heavier chains and beaded pieces because of their strength.

The toggle (see above) it has such a fun look and there are so many option of toggles, they can work with nearly any design! This tiny circle toggle is an easy to use closure and very simple when incorporating in your designs. If you have never worked with toggles before, try it! They are a fun and different way to close up those masterpieces your creating! Toggles are available in many shapes and sizes, keep that in mind with your design. 

Lastly, the huge hook clasp (see above) offers a unique look and it is incredibly easy to use, just loop the ring through the droplet. This sepcific one is quite large, about 27 mm long. This piece not only could make a beautiful closure but you (Jeweler) can also try and create something like this yourself using some 20 or 18 gauge wire. Design your own hook clasp!


Tips on closures:

  • If it is for a child- saftey chains can make a huge difference!
  • If it is for a senior, have your necklace chain be 30 or 36 inches-just put it over their head, no need for clasps
  • Elastic string is ok to use
  • Suite the size of your closure to the size of you necklace/bracelet