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April Facebook Jewelry Contest

Beadunion Facebook Jewlery Contest - April



Start April 1 2016 to April 30 2016


Theme: Be creative – make a necklace, bracelet, anklet, earrings – there are no limits!


Purpose: Create a piece of jewelry using our products


Rule: Every item and findings on the piece must be from or sister stores (Etsy, Ebay, Wholesale).


Here’s How to win!


Step 1: Purchase items

Step 2: Create jewelry

Step 3: Send Facebook Inbox message with name and email so we can send you your Gift Card Code!

Step 3: Take picture and post on Beadunion Facebook page.

            -Your post will be reviewed before it is published.

Step 4: Get as many likes from April 25 to April 29, 2016


Deadlines: Pictures must be posted between Friday April 22 12:00 am to Sunday April 24 11:59 PM.


The number of “Likes” as of 12 pm on Friday April 29, 2016 will be your entry.

The picture with the highest amount of “Likes” is the 1st place winner, the picture with the second highest amount of “Likes” is the 2nd place winner, and the picture with the third highest amount of “Likes” is the 3rd place winner.


Winner will be announced May 2nd.



1st place: $150 Gift card to

2nd place: $100 Gift card to

3rd place: $50 Gift card to


All participants with receive a $10 Gift card code to The $10 gift card code is valid from May 2nd to May 31st 2016.


All codes will be sent out the week ok May 2 to May 6th 2016.


Beadunion claims no rights to the pictures posted on Beadunion Facebook page for contest purposes.

Gold plated vs Gold Filled

Gold Plated vs Gold Filled


Gold jewelry is found everywhere, how do you tell the difference between what is 18k solid gold and gold plated brass, or gold plated sterling silver vermeil to gold filled? Unfortunately to the eye, it can be very difficult but there are differences between these metals, the quality, their longevity and their value!


Gold plated metal is where you will find the most inexpensive gold jewelry, plated over base metals such as zinc alloy, brass, stainless steel and more. The metal is dipped and a thin layer of gold is applied to the metal. You find the gold wear off after some time as the plating is quite thin.


Gold plated sterling silver, also known as vermeil is good quality metal at a reasonable price. Vermeil (pronounced Vermay), is solid genuine 925 sterling silver that has been plated with 18-24K gold. Similar plating process to gold plated metals, Vermeil requires a layer of gold to be at least 2.5 microns thick. This type of plating can last years before you see the plating begin to wear.


Gold filled, also know as rolled gold, is made up of a thicker layer of gold than vermeil. With gold filled, the gold must be 5% of the components weight, and is bonded to the base metal which can vary from silver to brass and other metals. The gold filled layer is about 5 times thicker than a gold plated layer, and very good quality pieces can resemble 14K solid gold.