Blog posts of '2015' 'September'

Autumn and layering

Fall is just the most magical time of year. As we begin to get ready for the drop in temperature we begin to layer up. This means we give ourselves to much more to work with fashion wise. Who says that needs to stop with sweaters and ankle warmers? Lets layer up our jewelry as well. Multi layer jewe...

Cleaning your Gold

Choosing the proper way to clean your jewelry can sometimes be challenging. There are many different ways to clean you precious metals and some work better than others. Knowing what is suitable for your peice a jewelry can make the difference of cracking a stone, scrubbing off gold plating and scrat...



The best accent for fall. It is such a versatile and classic metal.

Blend it in with beige and light browns or have dramatic contrast with black or a deep red. No matter how you match, you will always come out on top with the glamorous shimmer and eye catching shine.

The colors around us wi...