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Basic Chain #4- Smooth Tube ends


How to make a basic earrings


This video is a tutorial on how to make a a basic chain finish with tube ends

Step 1: Grip the tube ends and insert end on chain

Step 2: Squeeze pliers without marking tube end

Step 3: Cut chain to desired length, and repeat steps 1 and 2 on opposite end of cha...

Earring guide

Holiday Earring Guide


Earwire - it has such potential, so versatile. You can create hundreds of looks with the same piece by slightly changing the design.

Having a variety of earwire to choose from in your designs gives you even more creative room to play with designs. 

The minimal movement in...




The French term used to describe a stone setting technique where tiny diamonds, rhinestones or gemstones are set very closely together within the base.

Pronounced pah-vey, it looks as if the surface is paved with stones, a mosaic of gems or diamonds. This look has become quite modern and p...