Bezel Gemstone Information

Our line of Bezel Gemstones is a collection of beautiful faceted stones within a silver or gold bezel frame.

Gemstones, even the most common of stones are recreated by man using a variety of methods. In this case, the Quartz gemstones available are created using the hydrothermal method. This means “created in water”, and natural quartz is formed in a hot nutrient rich area in which the water slowly cools. When the water begins to crystallize, quartz is formed.

Humans will use this method planting a “seed” or fragments of natural quartz that the crystallization will then grow upon. These stones are known as synthetic quartz (hydrothermal), which contain the same physical, chemical and optical properties of a natural stone.

Natural gemstones can take thousands of years to create; this process allows humans to increase the speed of the process to upkeep with the high demands of gemstones.

The other alternative of “stone” is an imitation or simulated stone which are “gemstones” that try to look real but are actually made of glass, plastic or a different material. Here at Beadunion we do not carry any simulated stones made.

The variety of gemstones available in our collection is primarily hydrothermal quartz. Chalcedony, which in nature are extremely similar to quartz, seen as a type of quartz with slightly different chemical properties that result in a waxy finish are created using the hydrothermal method. Furthermore, the onyx is also a type chalcedony with a solid color receiving its name from being composed in the oxide mineral chalcedony.

The moonstone, labradorite and rutilated quartz stones in our collection are natural gemstones.

The dyed gemstones (dyed ruby, dyed emerald and dyed sapphire) are created using a natural ropada stone dyed, which is a stone found in the quartz family.


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