Bezel Gem Pendant-Gold Plated Sterling Silver-7mm Tiny Circle Shape - Pink Monalisa (sold per 2 pieces)

SKU: 201108-PKM

Bezel Gem Pendant - Gold Over Sterling Silver - 7mm Tiny Circle Shape - Pink Monalisa

Monalisa stones have a beautiful "cat's eye" effect.

Gemstone: Pink Monalisa
Frame Material: Gold over Genuine .925 Sterling Silver.
Shape: Faceted circle shape on both sides.
Measurement: 7mm, 10mm with hoop, stone size is 6mm.
Weight: 0.3gms per piece

These stones are known as hydrothermal quartz, which contains the same physical, chemical and optical properties of natural stone. For further information and details regarding this process, see the Beadunion Blog: